Octopus Ink - Round Rug Design
Round rug design.
Evil Eye - Oval Rug Design
The traditional Evil Eye design adapted for an unusual, oval-shaped area rug.
Charis - Round Rug Design
Rug design.
Octopus Ink - Rug Design
Rug design inspired by the Ancient Minoan octopus designs.
Evil Eye - Rug Design
Rug design.
Charis - Rug Design
"Charis" was inspired by Indian motifs.
Summer Waves - Rug Design
Hand knotted rug
Starfish - Round Rug Design
Round rug design.
Barcelona Sun - Rug Design
Hand knotted rug
Peacemaker Mini - Rug Design
Rug design.
Peacemaker - Rug Design
My Peacemaker design was inspired by the peace symbol. A versatile design that can be adapted to various applications and unlimited colorways.
Summer Harvest II - Rug Design
A hand knotted rug design.
Bullseye - Rug Design
Rug design.
Coral Reef - Rug Design
Rug design.
Heart 2 Heart - Rug Design
Rug design.
Fygo - Rug Design
Rug design.
Agas - Rug/Wallhanging Design
Lazy Lizzy - Rug Design
Originally an acrylics on wood art piece, I adapted my design for a hand-knotted rug.
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